Olva Stewart Pharo, artist

Unique Equestrian Portraits in
Bronze Sculpture or Pencil
by Olva Stewart Pharo

Specializing in horses, dogs, cats and their owners and companions.

At this time allow anywhere from 3-18 months for
completion of any unique commission for portraits
or trophies. Depends on what is going on at the time.
Your deposit secures your place in line.

How to order a portrait
or place a commission and fees:

Unique portraits created in Prismacolor pencil or graphite pencil (black and white) of horses, dogs, cats, cattle, along with their owners and companions. Also sculptural portraits cast in bronze.

Click here for more information on bronze portraits.

Pencil Portraits can be drawn from your favorite photograph.
(Photographs as small as 3" x 5" are acceptable as long as the
subject is well lighted and in good focus.)
Click here for more information on bronze portraits.

If you do not have photographs I can take photographs for you.
There is no extra charge if the animal is within 25 miles of Cypress,
TX, northwest of Houston. If you live outside this area and need
photographs taken there is a travel fee (minimum $25.00) plus
expenses (gas mileage, motel if necessary, etc.).
Call or text: 281-373-9304 or email: portraits@texhorseman.com
for more information.

Send for FREE brochure:
Email to: opharo@texhorseman.com or
Write to: Olva Stewart Pharo, P. O. Box 625, Cypress, TX 77410.

Did you know Olva made portraits on
customized Breyer Horse Models?
Prices start at $150.00.
Click here for more information.

Scroll down for
Pencil Portrait price list.

Pricing and Sizes for Pencil Portraits:

Sizes indicate the size of the paper used for the portrait.
The actual portrait drawing will be smaller. All papers used are acid free.
(The prices listed below are good as of 1 January, 2020.)

9" x 12" (Smallest Portrait Size):

Chance   9" x 12". . . .Simple Graphite Pencil Sketch (black & white),
  Head only: $300.00.

Chance   9" x 12". . . .Detailed Graphite Pencil Portrait (b&w),
  Head only: $500.00
  Example shows same foal as "simple sketch" above.
  Shows the difference between "sketch" and "detailed portrait".

Domingor   9" x 12". . . .Detailed PrismaColor Pencil Portrait,
  Head Only: $650.00

12" x 18" (Next Portrait Size):

12" x 18" . . . .Detailed Graphite Pencil (B&W) Portrait,
Head only: $600.00

ScintilatingMare   12" x 18" . . . .Detailed PrismaColor Pencil Portrait,
  Head only: $800.00

12" x 18" . . . .Detailed Graphite Pencil Portrait (black & white),
Full Body: $900.00

Black Horse   12" x 18" . . . .Detailed PrismaColor Pencil Portrait,
  Full Body: $1,100.00

  9" x 12". . . ."Simple Sketch" Graphite Pencil (black & white),
  Head & shoulders only of Horse and Rider: $500.00.

PaulaHoward   12" x 18" . . . .Detailed Graphite Pencil Portrait (black & white),
  Horse & Rider*: $1,300.00

LJohnDarst   12" x 18" . . . .Detailed PrismaColor Pencil Portrait,
  Horse & Rider*: $1,500.00

* Any portrait that includes a person with the animal
is considered "Horse & Rider".

18" x 24" - Largest Standard Portrait Size.
Larger Sizes are available.
Text/Call 281-373-9304 or Email: portraits@texhorseman.com for details.

First   18" x 24". . . .Detailed Graphite Pencil Portrait,
  Head Only: $850.00

Sonny   18" x 24". . . .Detailed PrismaColor Pencil Portrait,
  Head Only: $1,100.00

18" x 24". . . .Detailed Graphite Pencil Portrait (Black & white),
Full Body: $1,150.00

wendy   18" x 24". . . .Detailed PrismaColor Pencil Portrait,
                    Full Body: $1,500.00

JuniorHunter   18" x 24". . . .Detailed Graphite Pencil Portrait,
  Horse & Rider: $1,500.00

Tony   18" x 24". . . .Detailed PrismaColor Pencil Portrait,
  Horse & Rider: $1,800.00

Other Animals:
Dogs, cats, cattle and other animal portraits follow the same pricing schedule as horses.

Multiple Animals:
For information on portraits with multiple figures (multiple horses with dogs, cats,
people, etc.), text/call: 281-373-9304 or email: opharo@texhorseman.com.
Examples, multiple horses, person with horses, horse with dog:

All My Horsesr Christie Waves


  Portrait prices above are for portraits drawn without
  a background. All color portraits are drawn on
  appropriate colored paper.

Pals casey
For a portrait drawn with a complete background, trees, buildings, pasture,
etc. add 50% to portrait price.

A deposit required on all commissions.

When ordering a portrait by email or USPS please enclose your contact information: telephone
(cell) number, street address and email address.
A $100.00 deposit is required for a pencil portrait.
I accept payment by personal check (made out to Olva Stewart Pharo) or by PayPal.
Your deposit holds your place on my portrait commission list. Portraits are made and
scheduled in the order in which they are received with paid deposits.
Mail photos and checks to: Olva Stewart Pharo, P. O. Box 825, Cypress, TX 77410.

Please text/call to: 281-373-9304 or portraits@texhorseman.com me if you have any further
questions or to make an appointment for a photo session.

Unique Sculptural Portraits
  Cast in Bronze

The art of casting bronze goes back many centuries. Chinese bronzes date from the 6th centiry BC. Babylonian from the 2nd century. Ancient Greeks and Romans cast portraits of their heroes and leaders in bronze as we still do today.

Bronze is an alloy of copper. When another metals such as zinc, tin or lead is added to the copper it changes its composition from a rather soft metal used in electrical wiring and gas lines to a very dense and heavy material capable of reproducing a finger print on a piece of clay.

Until recently most bronze used in sculpture was known as "85/3": 85% copper, 5% tin, 5% zinc nd 5% lead. Because of the toxic nature of lead this alloy of bronze is seldom used today. The foundry I use, Art Foundry Carpino, uses silicon bronze made of 95% copper and 5% silicon. This combination produces a very beautiful and strong alloy.

All of my bronzes are cast by Art Foundry Carpino of Houston, Texas. The artisans at Art Foundry Carpino transform my clay sculpture through molds and casting into immortal works of art. Michael Carpino, owner and artisan, creates the patinas that bring my sculptures to life.

A portrait in bronze is an investment for posterity. This sculpture will become a part of your family, an heirloom to be passed down for generations. Nothing can match the glory of capturing your horse, dog or cat or you mounted on your horse, in all their 3 dimensional wonder. As one client told me, "It is like having my [beloved horse] with me all the time".

To create a bronze portrait sculpture an extensive photo session is required. Fees for this photo session apply the same as with pencil portraits.

A general guide for pricing of bronze portraits follows:

Lark   Bronze bust
  (head and neck, 8" - 10")
  portrait starts at $3,000.00

  Comes mounted on a wooden base.
  Marble or granite bases are extra.
  Call for price.

Spirit Rearing   Full Body of horse, dog or cat (9" -11")
  starts at $5,500.00,

  Comes mounted on a 3/4" wooden base.
  Larger bases extra.
  Marble bases on request.
  Call for price.

Pirouette in Bronze   Full Body horse and rider
  (10" -12")
  starts at $6,500.00,

  Mounted on wooden or
  stone base.
  Larger bases available.
  Call for price.

Larger bronze portraits available on request.
  Call for information.

Duke of York Basic Patina: liver of sulfur brown.

Imposant   Special patinas can be made to match
  the horse's appearance.
  Call for price.

Tikki   Hand painting by artist: minimum $350.00.
  Call for more information.

Bronze Sculpture Payment schedule: 50% - 25% - 25%.
50% deposit on estimated* final cost of sculpture is required on all bronze commissions. When the clay model is complete and ready for casting a payment of 50% of the remaining fee is due upon approval. The final amount is due when bronze is completed and delivered.

If you have a problem with this payment schedule please text/call: 281-373-9304 and we can
discuss my payment plan.

*There are many things that can happen in the creation of a bronze.
It will take a minimum of 6 - 18 months from start to finish.
The final cost of the sculpture should not exceed 20% more than
the original estimate unless the original specifications are
changed by the client.

Methods of Payment: Cash, personal checks, PayPal and extended payment plans available.

Acceptance Mark

"The artist", Olva Stewart Pharo, owns all copyrights to the finished product,
be they sculpture or pencil or Breyer portraits and/or trophies, awards, etc.,
unless otherwise stated in writing by "the client" (the commissioner, purchaser)
in the original contract. The artist reserves the right to publish, display and/or
reproduce finished pieces in any fashion.
    This includes but is not limited to advertising, bronze or resin sculpture,
prints, note cards, stationary, bookmarks, magnets and web display.
    Written permission must be obtained from the artist by the client to use or publish the finished artwork except as noted at the time of contract and a copyright notice (© Olva Stewart Pharo, 2022) shall accompany any publication or display.
    A deposit of $100.00 on pencil drawings and 50% on bronze sculpture
is required to hold your place in line. Time table for production depends on
workload of the artist and other suppliers who might be involved. The artist will
keep you informed.

    Deposits on canceled artwork are not refundable except in special
circumstances at the discretion of the artist.

    For further information contact Olva at 281-373-9304 or portraits@texhorseman.com.

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